PWGen 2.04

Create secure passwords the easy way


  • Create as many passwords as you need
  • Different character sets
  • Clipboard text encryption


  • Password lists can't be exported

Very good

PWGen is the perfect tool for those who struggle to come up with a secure password every time they need one.

This handy password generator enables you to create as many passwords or pass phrases as you need, with different character sets – including a special one that makes passwords easier to remember.

PWGen makes use of a random pool from system preferences and also from your own input as a user. You can choose how many characters you want the passwords to have, how many you need to create and if you want to leave certain characters out. On the downside, the password list can't be exported to any format - PWGen generates it automatically in a .TXT file.

Other interesting features in PWGen are a tool to create files with random data, and the ability to encrypt or decrypt text you copy to the clipboard.

PWGen is a handy password manager with support for different character sets, clipboard encryption and more.



PWGen 2.04

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